Moving Target Defense

NexiTech is a thought leader in moving target defense
The static nature of many modern-day computing systems makes them easy to attack and hard to defend.  Our adversaries have the time to study a system, identify its vulnerabilities, and then attack at the time and place of their choosing.  This gives them an asymmetric advantage, which is unacceptable.

Moving Target Defense (MTD) is the concept of introducing controlled change across multiple system dimensions in order to increase uncertainty and apparent complexity for attackers.  This reduces their window of opportunity and increases the costs of their probing and attack efforts, rendering their surveillance obsolete.

NexiTech has developed an innovative MTD solution that provides enhanced security for data-in-flight.  With the use of storage virtualization, a type of software-defined storage that we have been pioneering for years, our patented Moving Target Defense for Data Storage Devices has the ability to remove the asymmetric advantage from our adversaries and give it back to the defenders of our nation’s most critical data and weapon systems, where it rightly belongs.

Technical attributes of our MTD solution:

  • Autonomous
  • Multi-dimensional
  • Uses randomization
  • Unpredictable by adversaries
  • Gathers metrics and reports breaches
  • Dynamic network configuration enabled by virtualization
  • Available in a variety of hardware platforms and form factors

NexiTech is advancing the state of the art in the data storage industry by helping to accelerate the adoption of enhanced cyber security techniques used in conjunction with data storage devices and networks.

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NexiTech specializes in cutting-edge storage networking solutions and advanced cyber security techniques for actively defending our nation against cyber threats to critical data storage resources. Our products have been deployed in military aircraft mission planning environments for the purpose of solving data storage obsolescence and cyber security issues. In 2017, the Department of Homeland Security selected NexiTech’s patented Moving Target Defense solution for funding under its Silicon Valley Innovation Program.


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