Cyber Security

NexiTech is advancing the state of the art in the data storage industry by helping to accelerate the adoption of enhanced cyber security techniques used in conjunction with data storage devices and networks.

World Class Expertise

NexiTech has earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality software development services.

About NexiTech

NexiTech works with both private-sector companies and public-sector government agencies to solve complex issues related to data storage and cyber security.

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Our Services

NexiTech core competencies include software architecture, design, research, development, and testing of storage-related device drivers, real-time embedded systems firmware, and related cyber security techniques.

Data Storage & Security

NexiTech accelerates the adoption of enhanced cyber security techniques used in conjunction with data storage devices and networks. Our goal is to help protect critical national infrastructure, specifically the financial services sector.


With its expert-level knowledge of storage protocols (SCSI, Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NVMe), NexiTech has contracted with many established computer and storage vendors to provide storage-related consulting and software development services.

Legacy Products

Our proven ASPI Emulation and Virtual Tape Array legacy products continue to provide value even to this day. These products provide highly versatile capabilities that are being applied to modern-day data storage and cyber security needs.

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    About NexiTech, Inc.

    NexiTech specializes in cutting-edge storage networking solutions and advanced cyber security techniques for actively defending our nation against cyber threats to critical data storage resources. Our products have been deployed in military aircraft mission planning environments for the purpose of solving data storage obsolescence and cyber security issues. In 2017, the Department of Homeland Security selected NexiTech’s patented Moving Target Defense solution for funding under its Silicon Valley Innovation Program.


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