NexiTech has the capabilities to keep your data safe and secure.

Moving Target Defense

NexiTech leads the engineering and application of moving target defense in data storage cyber security.

Innovative Software Development
NexiTech has developed a patent-pending innovative solution that has been used by areas of the military such as the Department of Homeland Defense.
White Paper On Moving Target Defense
NexiTech has developed a white paper to further explain our approach to moving target defense. Download the white paper here.
Accelerating The Adoption
NexiTech is working with financial institutions, banking and software engineering companies to help facilitate the adoption of moving target defense for data security and storage.

Data Storage Device Programming

Providing API translators between legacy interfaces and SPTI is a core competency of NexiTech. This programming smoothly solves issues in the marketplace around security for clients.

Helping With Security Interfacing
NexiTech is able to provide a library of ASPI software products to bridge the security gap between ASPI and SPTI interfaces.
Understanding The Security Gap
By working with companies to solve the SPTI issue of security restrictions, NexiTech started the work on cyber security and moving target defense.
Keeping Your Company Running
Added security restrictions from products like Microsoft can become potential issues for your team. NexiTech helps interface between these systems to keep your business running and still stay secure.

Data Storage Virtualization Software

NexiTech has perfected the technique for virtualizing data storage devices to accelerate back up abilities and data restoration in the event your data is corrupted or breached.

Providing Software-Designed Storage
NexiTech can provide highly customizable back up data storage for your organization, including virtual tape and other devices by integrating the latest hardware and software technologies.
Solving Programming Issues
NexiTech’s fully featured drop-in replacement for ASPI software library supports older interfaces to keep your business running.
Working With The United States Air Force
NexiTech was commissioned by the United States Air Force (USAF) to help resolve certain data storage related obsolescence. To learn more about this project, click here.

Embedded Systems Firmware Development

NexiTech is able to provide firmware for embedded systems to keep your device storage secure.

Proven Software Development
Embedded systems firmware developed by NexiTech has been trusted by companies to keep their drivers and data storage safe and operational.
Keeping Devices Operating
NexiTech understands that the functionality of an embedded system, such as a smart phone, is of paramount importance. NexiTech keeps those systems functioning and free of viruses and malware.
Protecting Data Storage
There is a treasure-trove of data and information on your device’s embedded system. Hackers know this, and so does NexiTech. We are committed to keeping that information out of the hands of cyber thieves.

Windows And Linux Application Development

If you are in need of application development for testing and environmental functionality, NexiTech is the right choice.

Developing On Multiple Platforms
NexiTech can provide application development in both a Windows environment and a Linux environment to make your device application  fully functional.
Environmental Understanding
NexiTech is able to test and develop applications that can run in very specific environments and under various levels of security parameters.
Safety Is Our Focus
Even with new application development, security is always a main priority of NexiTech, making sure your new application does not provide a way for cyber hackers to enter your device.

Windows And Linux Device Driver Development

Sometimes your development needs are more customized. NexiTech can provide you with a secure and robust software solution.

Limiting Users For Security
NexiTech has the capabilities to develop device drivers that create a kernel mode, limiting the users that can access your particular software.
Customizing Your Device Driver
If you are in need of more customization, perhaps to a particular environment or additional security features, NexiTech will provide a unique solution to your situation.
Functionality And Security
NexiTech understands that functionality and security are not parallel concerns for a client. Our technology expertise provides software solutions that integrate both into a customized product for each client.

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About NexiTech, Inc

NexiTech, Inc. is a software company specializing in cutting-edge storage networking solutions and advanced cybersecurity techniques for actively defending against cyber threats to critical data storage resources. NexiTech has served world-class customers like Broadcom, Intel, Micron and Microsoft, and prime defense organizations such as Lockheed Martin and the Department of Homeland Security.


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